Todd Paris photo. Participants tour the R/V Sikuliaq in Seattle.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences hosted tours of the research vessel Sikuliaq on Aug. 16 in Seattle. A donor-sponsored reception followed at the Palisade Restaurant. The event was a formal recognition of the 40-plus-year SFOS-led design and construction effort of the National Science Foundation-owned Sikuliaq. This was the first time that tours and an open house for the Sikuliaq were held in Seattle.

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The profile of a University of Alaska Fairbanks’s glaciologist exploded into Wikipedia on her birthday in the most unusual of ways — through a Wikibomb. Erin Pettit’s profile as an Antarctic scientist was added to the world’s most famous digital encyclopedia on Aug. 23 along with more than 100 “cool” female scientists who have made significant contributions to Antarctic research.

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Alaska Upward Bound photo by Bud Kuenzli  Esau Sinnok inspects a K'nex drone kit during the summer 2015 Upward Bound session on the UAF campus.

On a dirt runway 60 miles outside of Fairbanks, Wally Flynn knelt over a DJI Phantom drone. He checked its gimbals, noted the condition of the propellers and the camera attachment, listened for alert sounds and backed away. At each step, he recited what he had just done, part of a rigorous preflight procedure.

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